Re-install the Operating System With Fast

Re-install the operating system might often be done by many computer users. When the computer it is already "lemot" because of the many things that are not important, can be re-install it.

Installing the operating system does not take a moment. waiting time of 30 minutes - 1 hour. The length depends on the installation of hardware (read: processors, memory, and disk) that is used.

Actually reinstall the operating system does not always have to run so long. Do with the cloning of the disk, we need not be through a lengthy installation process. ita just need to copy the results of cloning and the PC is operating bersistem again. So that the results of cloning as an operating system that is still fresh, do cloning shortly after you finish to install the operating system and drivers. Other programs should not be installed.

The core of the hard disk cloning is copying the entire hard drive contents to other media - to be another hard disk, CD, DVD, or external hard drive. With cloning, you will get the contents of the CD-R with the exact content of hard disks.

We need to do some parangkat cloning. First is the software for cloning. One is that you can use Norton Ghost from Symantec. We also need a CD-writer, CD start-up, and 2 floppy diskette 1, 44 MB.

Save to CD
Since we will be doing the cloning of the operating system, the drive that contains the operating system that will dikloning - usually drive C. But, I can only operating system on another drive, for example, because there is more than one operating system in a PC.

On this tutorial, do pcplus want cloning of the C drive that contains the Windows operating system with the size of the partition of 400 MB.

let's start.
  1. Run Norton Ghost by clicking the [Start]> [Program]> [Norton Ghost] [Norton Ghost].
  2. You will see the view Ghost Basic. Select the first option, the [Backup].
  3. Click [Next].
  4. Select the Source option in the select drive C. Destination in the options select [Recordable CD or DVD]. After that, click [Next]> [OK].
  5. Press the [Next], [Next] again, [Next] again. Then click [Continue], click [Run Now], and finally click [OK].
Windows will restart and Norton Ghost to do any back-up. Now you have 1 CD that is the image of your C drive. The contents of the CD is only 1 file that berekstensi GHO. You can not see the contents of the file without assistance Ghost Explorer. With the help of Ghost explorer, you can view the files on the file in the GHO.

I Start-up Disk
We need a floppy start-up results so that the GHO image file can be used when we want to "re-install" the operating system. Start-up disk is a two 1.44 MB floppy diskette. We call the first diskette "floppy A", while the second disk we call the "floppy B".

Run Norton Ghost and click [Ghost Utilities]> [Norton Ghost boot wizard] [CD / DVD startup disk with ghost] [Next]> [Use PC-DOS] [Next] [Next] [Next]> [Next]> [OK]. Insert blank floppy disks to make CD / DVD start-up. Press [Start] to make a format disk, then press [Close].

Next will be a floppy start-up disk. When the confirmation to enter the second disk appears, remove and insert a floppy diskette B. Press [Start] to do the format and press [Close]. Wait until the process is finished, and press [Finish] to end.

Now you have a startup floppy disk 2. This diskette that will be used for booting the first time. Note that the second disk is related to one another. A diskette can not be run without the disk B, so is vice versa. B diskette can not be run without the floppy A.

Why install it be in quotes? That's because we do not install the operating system. But, just copy the operating system that we installed previously.

Step by step this is done when we want to re-invigorate the operating system. We are doing is cloning from CD to hard disk.

In the BIOS, so that the Set is made from boot floppy diskette. Insert a floppy in the floppy drive. Follow the instructions on the monitor, if you are inserting floppy B, then enter the diskette B. You are prompted to insert a floppy and press return [Enter], and the last return you are required to enter the disk B.
Now you have entered a Norton Ghost.

To perform cloning from a CD to the hard drive, select [Local]> [Partition]> [from image]. Navigate to the CD-ROM containing the GHO file, and press [Open]. In the "Select source partition from image file", click [OK]. Then in the "Select local destination drive by clicking on the drive number", click [OK]. Select the drive that will be in the cloning, select drive C, press [OK] and press [Yes].

Cloning will run until reaching 100 percent. Press [Reset computer] to restart. Remove the diskette from the floppy drive and the BIOS Arrange to take your first booting from the hard disk.

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