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As a romp in the IT world, eh draw science are meant in the information technology environment, it is necessary to know more about linux operating system. Operating system that I try to use 3 years ago, within a period of 3 months and did not survive long because of the limited ability of difficulty and still get a tutorial on the specifics linux.

With the slogan that once out of the Depkominfo that are a indonesia Indonesia Go Open Source or better known by the name of IGOS, it seems as IT students need to know a little more about this operating system. In addition also, also appeared to have been a lot of companies in Indonesia that use Linux in the environment their company, particularly in the field of management Network access the Internet because Linux is reliable in terms of network configuration.

With the reason that I have to learn a little about this operating system so I need to download the OS itself is using the internet access at home is not unlimited because you want to remove the money to buy the chip DVD sold an average of Rp. 25000. takes 50 hours to download a file size of 4.3 GB with speed average download 25Kbps.

For what you want to download it please go to this address for the installation of Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta 1, and to address this installation to get the Open Suse Linux 11.1 to this address or to get a variety of variations of Linux and Open Suse to learn early media friends to know close to linuk can with indonesia language tutorial and equipped with a series of events that often do by the openSUSE community .. I hope this article useful .

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