Opening the PDF with faster Adobe Reader Lite

Adobe Acrobat Lite

When this application PDF Reader (a program for reading PDF documents) have become a very important needs, such as Office applications. Could not be denied that the Adobe Reader PDF Reader is a free application is complete, supports the latest features though.

Unfortunately, the longer, the Adobe Reader with additional features / plugins that sometimes are not very important and even more weight.

Features (plugins) that are included in Adobe Reader also use more disk space, computer memory and CPU, also loading more slowly. Such as the auto update feature that is always running in the background, autorun feature, the various plugins that is not always so important in the switch (the load) and other.

Indeed, alternatives we can use other free PDF reader, such as Foxit Reader or Sumatra PDF is also very fast. But sometimes with this application, to the PDF content (content) of the complex, the document can not appear perfect.

To overcome the problems some people have made the Lite version of Adobe Reader, called Adobe Reader Lite. Called the Lite version because it only includes files that are important, not discard the important and still try to maintain the ability of the original.


Fitur Adobe Reader Lite

  • Disable autorun and desktop shortcuts
  • Shortcut in the start menu in the conversion without any ad
  • Some features and plugins that is not necessary most of the users removed.
  • Removed the license agreement popup
  • Auto update feature removed
  • AcroRd32Info.exe removed without error in the message log
  • Included features Charging Form
  • Dialog (the key to online) in the toolbar is removed ( "help make better Adobe Reader" and "Create PDF using")
  • A remove some of the features do not need (v9.1)
  • Some changes to the display (v9.1)

File Size Installasi Adobe Reader Lite only around 18:29 MB, much smaller when compared with Adobe Reader 9.1 is around the size of 41.1 MB. The process of installation is also very fast when compared, not to mention after the install, the size of the hard drive will also be much different. Details can be viewed as the image below:

Adobe Reader 9

Adobe Reader Lite 9.1

Download Adobe Reader Lite

To download the latest version, can be obtained from Alternatives can also be downloaded from the site Read More Here

- Download Adobe Reader Lite ( )
- Download Adobe Reader Lite ( )

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