Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Ultimate Lite Mix SP1 v2.0 CD Version (up to 17 Nov 08)- spirkov uploadFeatures:-
Windows Vista Lite Mix is like no other vista CD versions and now Build 2 takes a big step! This is a modified CD version of the Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1 DVD. Non important components were removed to create a smaller, faster and 100% stable vista CD version. No need for activation or CD keys. 115+ tweaks has been added and lots of other extras...

-Only the less non important components were removed to shrink vista onto a standard CD size and to run smoothly!
-This version was Modified from the original "Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 DVD".
-No CD key or activation needs to be done so you can download all Microsoft goodies.
-115+ tweaks applied for fastest performance and stability!
-It fits perfectly onto a standard CD. You can also burn it onto a DVD for faster installation time.
-You can only boot from disk in order to install so "MAKE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR HARD DISK BEFORE INSTALLING!".
-After the installation it should take about 3.5GB's of space on your hard disk!
-Minimum ram requirement is set to 256mb.

Install Instructions:
1. Burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD.
2. Insert disc, Boot From Disc.
3. Choose a Partition to install Vista Lite Mix.
4. Vista Lite Mix will restart 3 times to complete installation.
5. Enjoy!


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